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Complex Thorium Sulphates

Thorium sulphate unites with the sulphates of the alkali metals to form various complex sulphates. Berzelius appears to have obtained the salt K4Th(SO4)4.2H2O by mixing solutions of the constituent sulphates; but Rosenheim, Samter, and Davidsohn state that the anhydrous salt K4Th(SO4)4 separates when the solutions are mixed; whilst the following sulphates have been obtained by Barre: Th(SO4)2.K2SO4.4H2O; Th(SO4)2.2K2SO4.2H2O; 2Th(SO4)2.7K2SO4. From mixed solutions of sodium and thorium sulphates the two salts Na2Th(SO4)3.12H2O and Na2Th(SO4)3.4H2O have been prepared, and from ammonium and thorium sulphates the salts

(NH4)2Th(SO4)3.4H2O; (NH4)6Th(SO4)5.3H2O; (NH4)4Th(SO4)4.2H2O; (NH4)8Th(SO4)6.2H2O.

The rubidium and caesium salts Rb2Th(SO4)3.2H2O and Cs2Th(SO4)3.2H2O have also been prepared.

The double potassium sulphates are slightly soluble in water, but insoluble in a saturated solution of potassium sulphate; the double sodium (and ammonium) salts, on the other hand, are fairly soluble in saturated sodium (and ammonium) sulphate (e.g. about 4 parts of Na2Th(SO4) 3.6H2O per 100 of solution at the ordinary temperature).

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