Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Thorium Hydride
      Thorium Fluoride
      Thorium Oxyfluoride
      Potassium Thorifluoride
      Thorium Chloride
      Thorium Oxychloride
      Complex Thorium Chlorides
      Thorium Bromide
      Thorium Oxybromide
      Thorium Iodide
      Thorium Dioxide
      Metathorium Oxide
      Thorium Hydroxide
      Thorium Superoxide
      Thorium Sulphide
      Thorium Sulphite
      Thorium Sulphate
      Complex Thorium Sulphates
      Thorium Selenite
      Thorium Selenate
      Thorium Nitride
      Thorium Nitrate
      Thorium Orthophosphate
      Thorium Arsenates
      Thorium Carbide
      Thorium Carbonate
      Thorium Formate
      Thorium Acetate
      Thorium Oxalate
      Thorium Tartrate
      Thorium Acetylacetone
      Thorium Silicide
      Thorium Silicate
      Thorium Borides

Thorium Borides

When a mixture of thoria with boron is heated in a carbon boat in an electric furnace a bronze-yellow to red product is obtained from which two borides of thorium, ThB4 and ThB6 can be isolated.

Thorium Tetraboride, ThB4

Thorium Tetraboride, ThB4, is a yellow, metallic-looking powder consisting of fragments of prismatic crystals, and having a density of 7.5 at 15° C. It is dissolved by cold hydrochloric and nitric acids and by hot sulphuric acid.

Thorium Hexaboride, ThB6

Thorium Hexaboride, ThB6, is an amorphous, reddish violet, metallic- looking substance having a density of 6.4 at 15° C. It is not dissolved by concentrated hydrochloric and sulphuric acids, but dissolves readily in hot nitric acid.
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