Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Thorium Hydride
      Thorium Fluoride
      Thorium Oxyfluoride
      Potassium Thorifluoride
      Thorium Chloride
      Thorium Oxychloride
      Complex Thorium Chlorides
      Thorium Bromide
      Thorium Oxybromide
      Thorium Iodide
      Thorium Dioxide
      Metathorium Oxide
      Thorium Hydroxide
      Thorium Superoxide
      Thorium Sulphide
      Thorium Sulphite
      Thorium Sulphate
      Complex Thorium Sulphates
      Thorium Selenite
      Thorium Selenate
      Thorium Nitride
      Thorium Nitrate
      Thorium Orthophosphate
      Thorium Arsenates
      Thorium Carbide
      Thorium Carbonate
      Thorium Formate
      Thorium Acetate
      Thorium Oxalate
      Thorium Tartrate
      Thorium Acetylacetone
      Thorium Silicide
      Thorium Silicate
      Thorium Borides

Thorium Sulphite, Th(SO3)2.H2O

Thorium Sulphite, Th(SO3)2.H2O, was obtained by Cleve as a white precipitate by dissolving the sulphate in sulphurous acid and warming the solution. The solubility of this salt in sodium sulphite solution, with the formation of a complex salt, furnishes a means of roughly separating thorium from cerium, lanthanum, and didymium; for when a neutral solution of the mixed salts is poured into excess of a saturated solution of sodium sulphite nearly the whole of the thorium remains in solution, while the other metals are precipitated. The complex sulphites, Th2(OH)2(SO3)3.2Na2SO3.22H2O and Th(OH)2SO3.2K2SO3.10H2O have been isolated.

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