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Thorium Sulphite, Th(SO3)2.H2O

Thorium Sulphite, Th(SO3)2.H2O, was obtained by Cleve as a white precipitate by dissolving the sulphate in sulphurous acid and warming the solution. The solubility of this salt in sodium sulphite solution, with the formation of a complex salt, furnishes a means of roughly separating thorium from cerium, lanthanum, and didymium; for when a neutral solution of the mixed salts is poured into excess of a saturated solution of sodium sulphite nearly the whole of the thorium remains in solution, while the other metals are precipitated. The complex sulphites, Th2(OH)2(SO3)3.2Na2SO3.22H2O and Th(OH)2SO3.2K2SO3.10H2O have been isolated.

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