Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Thorium Hydride
      Thorium Fluoride
      Thorium Oxyfluoride
      Potassium Thorifluoride
      Thorium Chloride
      Thorium Oxychloride
      Complex Thorium Chlorides
      Thorium Bromide
      Thorium Oxybromide
      Thorium Iodide
      Thorium Dioxide
      Metathorium Oxide
      Thorium Hydroxide
      Thorium Superoxide
      Thorium Sulphide
      Thorium Sulphite
      Thorium Sulphate
      Complex Thorium Sulphates
      Thorium Selenite
      Thorium Selenate
      Thorium Nitride
      Thorium Nitrate
      Thorium Orthophosphate
      Thorium Arsenates
      Thorium Carbide
      Thorium Carbonate
      Thorium Formate
      Thorium Acetate
      Thorium Oxalate
      Thorium Tartrate
      Thorium Acetylacetone
      Thorium Silicide
      Thorium Silicate
      Thorium Borides

Thorium Tartrate

If a solution of tartaric acid is added to a thorium salt solution a precipitate is formed which dissolves in excess of the acid. On diluting this solution a tartrate is reprecipitated which, according to Cleve, has the composition Th3(OH)4(C4H4O6)4.5H2O. By mixing in solution equivalent quantities of thorium nitrate and tartaric acid a tartrate of the composition Th3O2(C4H4O6)4.20H2O is precipitated; and this may be represented as the thorium salt of thorioditartaric acid, thus: [ThO(C4H4O6)2]2Th.20H2O. Various thoriotartrates have been prepared. Thus by saturating a boiling solution of potassium hydrogen tartrate with thorium hydroxide Cleve obtained K9Th(C4H4O6)3, and Rosenheim, Samter, and Davidsohn have prepared ThO(C4H4O6K)2.8H2O, ThO(C4H4O6Na)2.8H2O, and ThO(C4H4O6NH4)2.3H2O, as well as the more basic salts

K2(ThO)C4H4O6.4H2O and (NH4)2(ThO)C4H4O6.4H2O.

The constitution of these salts is probably analogous to that of tartar emetic, so that the hydroxylic hydrogen atoms of tartaric acid are replaced by ThO.

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